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Introduction to the PHP script language
About php development | lesson 1

This is open-source server-side script language for dynamic generation of HTML code i.e. the PHP is script language that can be used for creating HTLM page on server before the page filled with dynamic content is sent to client. This method of generating the content allows client to see HTML code only. Client is not able to see code (script) which generated the content. Read more

Get started
What is the Web Server? How does it work?
Architecture of Web Systems
Lamp - linux, apache, mysql

Configuration of the environment for the PHP applications development
About php development | lesson 2

Environment for applications developmentTo be able to develop applications it is necessary to have installed php, built web server and installed a database (in our case mySQL is used) on the computer. As it is said in the previous lesson, there are web server packages ready for usage that allow us to install everything we need for development of PHP applications on the local computer very simply. One of these packages is the XAMPP. Read more

How to install the XAMPP?
Testing the XAMPP installation

How to include PHP code into my HTML pages?
About php development | lesson 3

include PHP code into my HTMLOne of the main advantages of the PHP language is the option of embedding PHP code directly into HTML pages. To embed PHP code in HTML pages we define blocks of PHP code and then save the page with the special extension in the name (test.php). The default syntax for defining code that is written using the PHP language i.e block with php code is as follows: Read more

echo "Dynamic PHP code!";

The default PHP language syntax
Displaying data in a Web browser (echo command)
Comments in the PHP language

Variables in PHP
About php development | lesson 4

>Variables in PHP

Let’s remember the algebra from the elementary school.
Simply said a variable is a symbol that can be applied to assigning the certain values which can be used later. A variable always begins with a sign $, followed by the variable name. The variable name must start with a letter or an underscore and can be consisted of letters, underscores, numbers and other ASCII characters in the range from 127 to 255 Read more

What are the variables?
Declaration of variables and assigning a value to a variable
in PHP language

Data Types in PHP
About php development | lesson 5

The data type is a generic name assigned to every data which has certain characteristics in common. Standard data types are boolean, integer, float and string type. Read more

Boolean data type
Integer data type
Float data type
String data type

Working with strings in PHP
About php development | lesson 6

A string is a sequence of characters that are treated as a single group. In order to define a string in PHP we can use single or double quotation marks, depending on what we want to achieve.
Let us consider the following example ... Read more

What are the strings?
Defining a string in PHP with double quotation marks
Defining a string in PHP with single quotation marks
What is Herodoc syntax in PHP?

Operators in PHP
About php development | lesson 7

An operator is a symbol that defines a specific action in the appropriate mathematical expression. Many operators are probably already familiar to you... Read more

Arithmetic operators in PHP
Assignment Operators
String operators
Increment/Decrement operators in PHP
Logical operators
Equality operators
Comparison operators

Conditional statements (if statement, else statement, else if statement, and switch statement)
About php development | lesson 8

If statement is one of the most common structures in all programming languages, and allows conditional execution of certain parts of the code. The syntax of this command is... Read more

If statement in PHP language
Else statement in PHP language
Else if statement in PHP language
Switch statement in PHP language

Using $ _POST and $ _GET variables in PHP programming
About php development | lesson 9

There are two methods of sending data in the HTML form to a PHP document: the POST and the GET method. The selection of a method can be done by specifying a method argument in <form> tag. Possible method values are "post" or "get". Read more

Using the $_POST variable in PHP programming
Using the $_GET variable in PHP programming
variable in php